Kemp R. Niver was born in Los Angeles, CA, in 1911, and served in the Navy throughout the second World War. Niver also had other occupations, including investigator for the L.A. district attorney’s office, and freelance bodyguard and private investigator. Despite these roles, Niver is probably best known for his role in the paper print

With a slew of Oscar nominations at the 2010 Academy Awards, The Hurt Locker certainly has earned its spot in the world of motion pictures. With wins including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay, as well a nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Actor, this film certainly has a long lost of accolades

Judging the performance of a particular scanner goes a lot further than just the scanning instrument itself. Of equal importance is the performance level of the driver, which is responsible for reproducing an image after processing the info from the scanner. When it comes to a scanner that incorporates high quality in both of these

Old Lps or Vinyls

Many music lovers who have accumulated a myriad of vinyl LPs over the decades – especially during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – cherish their collections. Such complications are highly coveted and often treated as antiquities, which are sometimes played from time to time on traditional record players. As such, it’s quite a reach for

What is LaserDisc? LaserDisc is a technological medium that is used to store a large database of information, including text, photos, multimedia presentations and motion video. It was the first commercial optic disc storage access that was sold and marketed as “DiscoVision” back in the late 70’s in North America as a home video format

The main job duty of a Post Production Supervisor is to oversee all post production projects from start to finish. The Post Production Supervisor will work with budgeting, clients, CGI and production team to plan, and internal editing. The Post Production Supervisor is also responsible for both the management and delivery of video content from

As a video transfer company, technicians at Mr Video often are asked, how long do 8mm or 16mm films last?  While the precise answer is quite subjective, but under ideal storage conditions, expect the film to last for around 70 years. But again, there is no guarantee to that.  During last 16-years of operation, we

Some people still have old audio or video recorders that they use, whether it is because of sentiment, or they have just not gotten around to purchasing new, modern equipment. Nevertheless, before any analog video or audio can be posted to the internet or sent by email to someone, it must be transferred to digital

With the capability of the modern internet expanding exponentially, people can now do things that they could not do even two years ago. For example, the procedure, tips and tricks on how to shoot streaming video have changed just as much as the Internet has. With that said, before you can shoot streaming video, there

A lot of people of new age have family inheritances of the early 8mm and super 8 mm films and footages that take them back to the era of memories, moments, people and the times gone by. How many of you remember your first birthday party or the time your grandmother knitted you a sweater

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