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DVD Authoring

Why Do I Need DVD Authoring?

Mr. Video can design and produce your multi-media, interactive CD business card for your company…

When you need a powerful marketing tool that is informative and entertaining, a CD-ROM or DVD is the perfect solution. Interactive CD ROMs are simple to use and are very effective.

CD Business Cards are fast becoming one of the most popular marketing tools used today. Why? Because, the information delivered on such a small disc and the overall impact is unmatched. A great communications venue for all of your customers and potential customers-a sure fire way to get your message across.

We combine animation, narration, video and sound effects. The viewer can pinpoint specific areas of interest by a simple click of a mouse. CD's and DVDs have a vast amount of uses ranging from interactive catalogs to commercial presentations for entertaining or education.

DVD Authoring

We can convert your materials into high quality DVD-Video discs. DVD supports many features that are extremely useful in the corporate and educational environments. Large capacity, high quality video and audio, and rock-solid performance over time are just some of the advantages of DVD.

Interactive CD ROM

Interactive CD ROM's can be used in a variety of situations. Utilizing a laptop and video projection system they may be utilized for presentations to large groups. The CD ROM's may then be distributed to all attending as well as utilized for future marketing or education. The information on the CD Rom may easily be develop for the web and distributed worldwide.

VideoCD/DVD Authoring

We can convert your materials into Video CD's, which will play on most set-top and PC DVD players. Video CD's are a great alternative to DVD since they are distributed on CD-ROM, which makes them less expensive and easier to reproduce.

Encoding Services

Using only the highest quality hardware and software we can convert your VHS, mini DV and BetaCam SP tapes in beautiful MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video as well as other formats suitable for a variety of applications. We can also convert your digital video files (AVI, QuickTime, still sequence) into a variety of digital video formats. (Additional tape formats and digital file formats may also be usable, please contact us for details.)