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Betamax To DVD

Betamax to DVD

Sony introduced the Betamax home video system in 1975 with the LV-1901 Trinitron/Betamax console. It was the most popular video format in 1983, gaining almost a third of the UK video recorder market, while Sanyo's VTC5000 was the top selling UK video recorder. By 1985, however, the market had turned sharply towards VHS.

Betamax To DVD Process

Step 1:
First, we play your betamax tape in a VCR that has high signal to noise ratio, which allows for optimum video output quality. This is very important since if the playback quality is not high, it will yield a poor signal record quality. Our playback VCRs have amorphous video heads that pick up even the very weakest of signals, not to mention that we use high quality RCA cables.

Step 2:
These cables are then connected to a digital system to prepare them for digitizing.
Once we have the material on our system's hard drive, it is then color corrected as well as optimized for the best audio playback. The technicians at Mr. Video will make sure that any consumer betamax tape provided will be at the correct NTSC level before we finalize it.

We then master it onto DVD with a label and a jewel case.


DVDs can hold up to two hours of footage*. If your Beta tape is more than two hours, it will go onto multiple DVDs.

If you have more than one Betamax tapes, we do offer quantity discounts. Call us.

You can record up to 6 hrs on one DVD, but it is not recommended as there is a severe drop in quality beyond that point. Each additional 2 hrs. will be on one DVD.

Betacam is a professional format. Betamax is a consumer format.There is a price difference between betamax and betacam

The Cost

Up to two hrs. =$49.95

Each additional hr. = $19.95
(Quantity Discount Available)

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