About Us

Welcome to Mr. Video Inc.

We are in business since 1996.

Started our business from overseas video conversion in the beginning.

Then added Video editing services around 1997. We purchased our first non linear editing system.

The same year we also purchased our film transfer system for old 8mm/Super 8 and 16mm film.

Audio Visual Rental Services were started around 2007.

Why Choose Us

  • We serve local clients. Being local we can meet any challenge or deadline our client has and  turn around any project very fast.
  • Everything that we do is done in house whether it is a post production or simply a film transfer job.
  • When you deal with us you will be dealing with the technician directly, so there will be a less confusion to finish the project.
  • There is no chance of things being lost in the mail as everything is handled in house.
  • Competitive pricing as there is no middle man.