Audio Reel To CD

Audio Reel to CD Transfer

Flawless Transfer - Guaranteed (All jobs are done in house)

Reel to reel tape was distributed and mastered in multiple shapes & sizes. The most common to average consumers was 1/4" tape. Other reel-to-reel tape sizes were reserved for the professional market. To determine what size you have, you should measure the width of the actual tape and not the reel itself. The reels also were distributed in multiple sizes. Most are 3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches in diameter. 10 1/2 inch reels were mainly reserved for the professional market, most commonly used in Television and Radio production.

The Cost

3" Reel
4" Reel
5" Reel
7" Reel
10.5" Reel

Additional Copies


What Is Included

Hiss, Crackle & Pop
removal service to master reels to CDs.

We digitally master audio
reels to CDs.

Transfer Process?

Reels can be transferred into any medium of your choice: WAVE, MP3 or CD format (CDA) all at the same price. We can label your CDs with customized labels (e.g. Author, Album and individual CD tracks for extra cost.

Custom Labels

  • Generic white CD label= Free (B/W with our company logo)
  • Author and Album name only=$2.00 (B/W)
  • CD tracks (You email us all the tracks)=$5.00 (B/W)
  • Manually copying tracks from the Album = $10.00 (B/W)
  • Album Art printing on the CD = $25.00/graphic art (include setup)
    * Subsequent copies of the label are $1.00 per customized label.

If You Are Mailing

If necessary, do insure
them as these reels
could worth a lot.

Step 1:


Mail your tapes via FedExKinko at
Mr. Video inc.
6869 Springfield Blvd.
Springfield, VA 22150

If necessary, do insure
them as these cassettes
could worth a lot.