Vinyl To CD or MP3

LP To CD Transfer

Do not buy LP record player to make new CD masters.

Reason 1: They are expensive ($300.00 - $800.00)
Reason 2: You would spend hours learning the process unless you are tech savvy.
Reason 3: If you have a couple of LPs, evaluate whether it is worth the cost to buy equipment or let the shop do the job.
Reason 4: Even if you have learned the entire process, making the tracks with these "LP players/recorders" won't be that easy. Somebody has to physically make the tracks by using some sound editing software. Unfortunately, the automatic track creation process on these machines is not as accurate or precise.

Let the professionals handle the LP to CD job.

E. Lyles
This is just to let you know how pleased I am regarding your work transferring my LP to CD.  The CDs are perfect, no hissing or scratchiness even though the LPs are quite old.   You can be sure I'll recommend you to my friends.  You're great!  Thank you so much.  

If your records have gotten old and have pops and clicks, you definitely need a professional facility to restore the LPs to CDs or any digital format. We at Mr. Video have a state of the art sound editing studio equipped with professional equipment to re-master your old audio on CDs, Thumb drives etc.

We convert your records in a digital loss-less format. Then remove scratch, pops, and any hissing or background noise using our sound restoration technology. The tracks are created manually in our editing process. Finally, your new CD master is made that you can play in any CD player, car stereo system, or computer.

You will receive a digitally mastered CD with your audio tracks.

The Cost

Single LP (both sides)=$125.00/LP (without tracks)

Single LP (both sides)=$150.00/LP (with tracks. CD style)

Five to Ten Lps (both sides)=$95.00/LP (w/o tracks)

Five to Ten Lps (both sides)= $110.00/LP (w tracks)

Quantity discount if you have more than 5 LPS

Note: Making tracks of "LPs fromCONCERTs" is extra $125.00/LP.

Mailing LPs

If necessary, do insure
them as these LPs
are worth a lot.


Sort the LPs that you want to master on CDs.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Mail your tapes via FedExKinko at Mr. Video inc. 6869 Springfield Blvd. Springfield, VA 22150

What will happen once we receive the LPs.

We will confirm via email. No payment is necessary at this point.

Your job will be finished according to your specifications and we will call you for the total payment.

We accept all forms of payment (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, or Check). You can pay over the phone/online at that time.