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Betacam To DVD

Betacam SP to DVD

First introduced in 1982, BetacamSP was developed for broadcast professionals. All forms of Beta tapes use the same shell and have the same width of the tape. They are distinguished from one another by a logo on the front of the tape.

The Process

Converting Beta or BetaSP tapes to DVD is a great way to store your video for many decades to come. Your beta tapes are played in a dynamically tracking-controlled VCR. This VCR head has a signal to noise ratio of more than 68db, which translates into a high signal quality output. We can record over 8hrs on one DVD, however as you put more and more material on one DVD, its quality degrades. Non compressed footage has the highest quality, but allows for less recording time, so make sure to tell the technician how you want to transfer the footage when you place your order.

The Cost

5 min
15 min
30 min
60 min
90 min

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