MiniDV To DVD Transfer

Minidv To DVD Transfer

MiniDV Vs. VHS-C

MiniDvs looks very much like VHS-C tapes. But they are totally different. They are little bit skinnier than VHS-C and do not require adapter. They use their own special players.

What is MiniDV Tape

  • Smaller than VHS/Betamax/Hi-8/SVHS.
  • Lines of resolution are better in DV tapes (500).
  • Record signal digitally.
  • Timecodes can be recorded on any minidv
  • Even pros/broadcasters used these tapes.
  • Records CD quality audio
  • Still used by many professionals
  • Different Video Formats:

    • We can transfer any type of consumer/professional video formats to DVD or from DVD to any tape format.

    SVHSDigital 8MiniDVCAMUmatic /(Hiband)
    BetamaxDV (Full size)HDCAM SR
    8mm (Tape or Film)HDVDVC Pro

    We use industrial quality machines with high Signal-to-Noise ratio and Image stabilization function to produce a quality output signal for mastering on DVDs or for cloning.

    Minidv to DVD are transferred by using digital pipeline (like Firewire IEEE 1394).

    We can also digitize your video in uncompressed video formats for archiving or editing.

    The Cost:

    (The following pricelist includes one blank DVD stock, a jewel case and a label.
    Discount for multiple tapes is available).

    Quantity Discount is Available. Call For Pricing.

    Tapes to DVDLength (Hrs.)Cost ($USD)Additional Hours ($USD)
    Digital 8199.9519.95
    Hi 82125.0019.95
    DVC Pro1/2195.0034.95
    DVC Pro HD1/2295.0075.00
    DVC Pro HD1350.0075.00
    Betacam SP1/295.0025.00
    Betacam SP1149.0050.00

    What if my video is bad:

    If your video is distorted and has poor video quality, we can enhance it (editing process).

    We Can:

    • Stabilize image (jitter removal).
    • Restore colors (color correction).
    • Enhance sound quality.

    *Note:There is an extra cost ($75.00/hr.) associated with this service. We will look at your tape($25.00) and give you an estimate. The cost to look up the tape will be applied to the editing cost if you decide to go with us.