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Document Scanning To Pdf


  • Professionals waste more than 500 hrs/year searching for files
  • Almost 6% of papers are lost or misfiled.
  • More than 150 hrs/year are spent to look for lost or misfiled docs.
  • It costs, $31.00 to file, $118.00 for misfiled and $225.00 to recreate a document.

Document Scanning Services

Increase the overall productivity and ease of performance by placing all your company's records and valuable pieces of information at everyone's fingertips. By digitizing your documents, you can truly unleash the power of information access to you and all your employees.

Mr. Video Inc. is in the business of helping companies large and small to eventually go paperless, which is much more environmentally-friendly, and more cost-effective for your business. Our scanning service experts utilize an efficient method and cutting-edge scanning equipment and software to develop extremely useful document management systems. Your information will be easily found and accessed!

The staff at Mr. Video Inc. removes the inconvenience and difficulty from a records scanning project. There are always team members on hand to perform scanning, indexing and post production quickly and efficiently. We can convert to text through our optical character recognition (OCR) software, which permits you to edit your documents. We can also redact confidential information of patients and clients.

gather documents


Gather all the document and put them in boxes. If necessary, sort them in order you want them to scan.

Pickup docs for scanning


We can pickup your material any where from DC, VA and MD area.

scanning docs to pdf


We assign a technician to accomplish your job. He prep the documents to be scanned in our high speed OCR scanners./font>

transfer docs to hard drive


In this step, we master your files on A DVD or a thumb drive.


More Space

Scan all of your docs occupying plenty of space in your office or in the attic to one searchable digital file.


Leaving docs every are less secure than having them at one place.

Quick Search

Since you will have all of docs as a digital file, they will be easily searchable.

Less Cost

Since docs are in digital file, they can be easily searchable. Tradational files and cabinet needs manpower and time to search.

Delivery Options

Scanning TO DVD or Thumb Drive

Digital File Only

We can just deliver you your stuff on a DVD/thumb drive and shred all the docs.

Digital File & Documents

All docs are returned in the order they were given for random proof read.


Shredding of original documents costs extra.


Mr. Video Inc.'s experience with different industries is vast, and includes:

Legal Firms - Streamline your records and make file discovery easier with our scanning services which can be done on-site at your office or that of your client's.

Medical Practices - Digitize your medical records and move them to electronic health records (EHR) to streamline your documents. We can help you make this integration seamless!

Governments - Reduce the cost and space needed to store records that need to be kept indefinitely.

Accounting Firms - It can be expensive to maintain your clients' files. Moving them to a digital format can be much more cost-effective and affordable for your firm.

Architecture Firms - No formats are too large for the scanning equipment at Mr. Video Inc. Even large blueprints and engineering drawings can be easily scanned, making access and availability of such documents a cinch!

Pricing Factors:

Project volume

Docs prepping.

Turn around.