8mm - Hi8 - Digi8 to DVD or Hard Drive

Transfer 8mm Video To DVD

There are three types of 8mm tapes:

  • Video8
  • Hi8
  • Digital8

Sony released video8 tapes and camcorders in 1985. Due to the compact size of these tapes, compared to VHS and Beta, they did well and competed in the consumer market.
Video 8 was a 100% analog media format. Hi8 allowed for some digital work with the audio. Digital8 is the only one of the three formats that is completely digital. The technology behind the digital8 tape is almost identical to the miniDV tape, but has its limitations.

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How To Get Started?

  • The first thing you must do is find out exactly what you have. 8mm cassettes (regardless of type) are all the same size. Sometime it is tricky to identify them.


  • Hi8 or Digital8 will generally be labeled as such. If you see no such markings, then you most likely have an original Video8 cassette.

(It was possible to record Digital8 video onto Hi8 tapes, you'll know you have one if your Hi8 tape will no longer play in a Hi8 player, and only plays in a digital8 player.)

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