Today’s generation is obsessed with using photographs. Earlier, people used to go to nice studios and wait for occasions to get their pictures clicked. However, now it is considered happening and fashionable to click photographs everywhere and anywhere. People use old pictures for gifting purpose, creating collage’s etc.  So, I hope this piece of writing

The first industrial LaserDisc player to be mass-produced and available for outside use was the MCA DiscoVision PR-7820, which later was rebranded and became marketed as the Pioneer PR7820. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, this laserdisc player was used quite extensively by many GM dealerships across Canada and the US as a means

What is LaserDisc? LaserDisc is a technological medium that is used to store a large database of information, including text, photos, multimedia presentations and motion video. It was the first commercial optic disc storage access that was sold and marketed as “DiscoVision” back in the late 70’s in North America as a home video format

Video sharing sites have become so popular that within no time, it became a preferred advertising medium for marketers. However, as the technologies proliferated, so did the confusion on using them. At present, numerous codec’s, video compressions software and format exist making the process of choosing difficult. The article aims to alleviate some confusion with

Computers have seeped into almost every realm of our lives. Right from homes to large corporations and governments, everyone is riding on the digital highway. Simply put, every bit of information in any form now is being digitalized. For instance, movies and home-videos made on traditional films now are being transformed into digital format using

Introduction The purpose of this guide is to explain how to digitize your vinyl records and tapes through the use of VinylStudio. Computer software VinylStudio allows you to achieve end results that are of as good a quality as the original while making the whole task fast, simple and easy. There are a few things

The most visible difference between sounds in film and video is the EQ and compression that is used to make it sturdy. You can learn it by practicing and listening to sounds carefully. If you feel that it is not your cup of tea take help of sound mixer who is skilled and a professional

Several things determine the quality of the video. We are not referring to the creativity, but the technological aspects. Among them, resolution or the number of lines is the most important factor. Just watch a standard video feed on a HDTV and then switch on to a HD feed and you would notice the difference

 The standard for DVD is 5.1 which is exactly what THX uses. The 6 channels can be confusing though. There’s actually 5 channels (left, center, right front, and left and right surround) and a LFE (low frequency effects channel). In film, the LFE is used specifically for low freq. sound effects such as explosions, earthquakes,

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