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Video sharing sites have become so popular that within no time, it became a preferred advertising medium for marketers. However, as the technologies proliferated, so did the confusion on using them. At present, numerous codec’s, video compressions software and format exist making the process of choosing difficult. The article aims to alleviate some confusion with following FAQs.

·         What is Video Encoding?

As a video can be shot on various devices, the process of converting the video suitable for broadcasting on various mediums like internet, mobile devices and many others is termed as video encoding. Factors like size, bit rate, screen size need to be kept in mind while doing video encoding.

·         What Video Format to Use?

The file format of a video file often is considered like a container. In a nutshell, it is not how the video data is played; rather it is how the video data is stored. Depending on the end user profile, you may have to choose a 3GP, MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI or AAC format.

·         Which is the Most Ideal Web Video Format

Flash videos are most widely used video formats on the internet. Flash videos can be recognized by *.flv extension. However, for high quality videos, often the authors choose Quicktime Player formats which have H.264 or AVC extensions.

·         Which Video Codec to Use?

A codec is an algorithm that tells the video player how the data is compressed and how it can be decompressed to be played back as a video file. Most players today come equipped with multiple codecs that can identify various file formats. For most web video’s, a browser with flash plugin is enough.

·         Is it Possible to Upload HD Videos?

Enhanced broadband speeds, efficient codecs and compression software enable authors to upload HD videos on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. As a matter of fact, budding videographers and professionals upload their videos in HD format. The containers usually used are MP4.

·         What Factors to Consider Before Video Uploading?

Though most videos end up on YouTube, if you are choosing some other host for uploading the video, ensure the format the website supports. Other essential factors to be considered are bit rate, aspect ratio, resolution and frame rate.

  • Which Software to Buy?

Depending on your proficiency and marketing needs, a video encoding software should be purchased based on parameters like price, functionalities it offers, file formats supported in terms of input and output, batch encoding and ease of use, not necessarily in that order.

Professional Services

If you are a busy professional, you of course cannot spend so much time on understanding these things. A better approach would be to hire AV production equipment as and when needed and complete the job. can provide you these kind of services.

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