3/4" Or Umatic To DVD

In Business Since 1996

Umatics are analog tapes and have been used in the broadcast industry for several years. They first came in the market in 1971. They come in two different tape sizes.
They were the initial formats that contained the tape reel inside the shell.

DVDs can hold up to two hours of footage*. If your Beta tape is more than two hours, it will go onto multiple DVDs.
If you have more than one umatic tapes, we do offer quantity discounts.

* You can record up to 6hrs on one DVD, but it is not recommended as there is a severe drop in quality beyond that point. Each additional 2hrs. will be on one DVD.

Umatic to DVD - The Process

  • The tapes are played back in Umatic VCR. If it is a PAL tape, it will be played in PAL VCR.


  •  Then we connect the proper cables from the VCR to the recording deck and then to the video monitor. If tapes play fine, we will not be calling you. If there is any problem with the tapes, we will respond by email or by phone.



  • If you need the material directly on the DVD, then color correctionis done in real time. On hard drive, color correction is done after we digitize the materail.



How Much It Costs?

Up to 1 hrs. =$74.95
30 min = $99.95
60 min = $149.00
Each additional hr. = $49.95

(Quantity Discount Available)


Most of our jobs can be turned over to you with in 24hrs. If you have more than 3 tapes, it could take two days to finish the job.
As soon as your project is done, we will call you with the invoice total and ,if we have your your email, we will send you a pdf of the invoice. As always, you can call us at (866) 729-3636 and pay right over the phone.