Open and Closed Caption Services

Closed Captioning Services, English Or Spanish

Our captioning services have been endorsed by small and big players in entertainment industry. We provide closed captioning services across all formats. Be it a tape recording or high definition formats that include HDCAM SR, DVCPRO HD, D-5 HD or the HDCAM format. As all major stations and studios now accept digital files, we will ensure that the closed-captioned content is in relevant format like MPEG-2 Transport Streams, Apple ProRes, MPEG-2 Program Stream and MXF.
We offer following three closed caption packages:

    Standard Closed Captioning
    Premium Captioning

Standard Captioning

FCC has mandated closed captioning for all entertainment content. This however does not mean that you should worry about extra costs and be on your tenterhooks worrying about the quality. Basic Roll-Up type captioning is done by in-house experts and technicians who ensure that the captions are typo free, perfectly timed and do not interfere with other onscreen graphics. Incomprehensible words or sentences are carefully researched by professionals to provide highest quality of transcribing. Finally, all the transcribed content is passed through quality checks before being delivered to you.

Premium Captioning

Apart from all the features of Basic Roll-Up style closed captioning, Premium Roll-Up has some additional features. For instance, if a graphic is coming-up in a scene, we blindly do not move the text block location of the captions. Rather, we take off the text block completely before the graphic starts and append it to the next starting sentences without affecting the timing and flow of the audio captions.


Like in comics, pop-up style captions appear at strategic location of the speakers. This type of captioning is ideal for entertainment content wherein multiple characters are talking simultaneously. Background sound effects and music is also described in the captions.