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Slide Scanning - Do It Yourself

We found the following slide scanners to help you save the cost of scanning. If the DO IT YOURSELF method doesn't work for any reason, contact us we are here to help.


Let Us Do IT For You

If you don't have time and/or don't want to learn technology, bring/mail your work to us. We will send you an estimate. Our minimum for any work is $250.00.

DVD Or Hard Drive

Other Slide Services


  • 110/127 Slide Scanning
  • 126 Negative and Slides
  • 35mm Negative
  • 4x5 Large Formats
  • 110/220 Medium Format
  • Stereo Slide Scanning
  • Photograph Scanning



What is DPI

  1. It stands for dot/inch.
  2. Higher DPI means more quality scan.
  3. Scanner takes more time to scan at a higher DPI.
  4. Higher DPI means a bigger image size.
  5. 2000 DPI is good for many users.

35mm Projector Rental

  • 35mm Slide Projector Rental – $50.00/Day

    1. Slides are loaded in the carousal.
    2. Then carousal is placed right above the projector.
    3. Power is turned on.
    4. As soon as first slide is advanced, it is shown on the screen.
    5. Focus is adjusted by rotating the “focus knob”.
    6. For convenience it comes with a remote control.
    35mm slide projector

    35mm slide projector

All Work Done In-House

Scanning - Same Place
Technician - Same Place
No Middleman.
Fast Turnaround.
No Risk To Lose.
Lowest Price - Guaranteed

We accept any slide format

  1. the price chart only shows the price for a plastic/cardboard mounted slides.
  2. Glass Slides are extra as they have to be scanned manually one by one.
  3. You can bring the slides in a carousals/boxes/cartridges/sheets/binders but it will add-up $0.20/slide to take them out.
  4. It takes $0.20/slide to put them back in a carousal.
  5. We also scan large format slides.
  • Normally, we scan slides at 2000dpi and as jpeg. Per slide is $0.49 for less than 100
  • Our minimum: $95.00
  1. Fully Color corrected, properly cropped and free of dust particles slides on a DVD.
  2. If you decide to go with the slide show, it will add up $50.00 exta for upto 100 slides with a music
  3. We put chapter mark at every group of slides.
  4. We can customize your DVD label with your info. for an extra cost

There is no limitation or restriction of any kind. We can handle any type of slide.
We can scan any type if slide

You can drop off at any of these two locations.
In Maryland
2333 Distribution Circle
Silver Spring MD 20910

In Virginia
6869 springfield Blvd.
Springfield, VA 22150

For orders over $500.00 or more, we will pickup your slides for free.
We take the instructions at the time of the pickup.
We deliver them back once the project is completed.

Do you have large number of slides?
We provide a tutorial on how to scan slides yourself if you rent this scanner from us.
Scan on a PC or MAC as a tiff or Jpeg
Comes with installation disc.
Scan upto 4000dpi

Call For More Details

slide scanner

Pricing Table



The Price
Minimum Order=$95.00

Simple Math:
You have:1000 slides
You Need: 2000 dpi scanning +Slide Show DVD
Your Cost: [1000x0.42] + [25.00]=$445.00

Optional Service

Type of Service
Service A

Service B

Service C

Slide RotationNYY
(Scratch, Dust)
Contrast AdjustmentNAutoY
Color CorrectionNAutoY
Photoshop AdjustmentNAutoY
Grain MinimizationNNY
Slide Show OptimizationNNY
MusicOnly with Slide ShowOnly with Slide ShowOnly with Slide Show

Slides Delivery

Once your slides are scanned and polished, there are several ways in which they can be stored.

  • We can simply write them to a CD/DVD/thumb drive as individual picture files,
  • Or we can create a slide show from these digital pictures ($10.00/100 slides).

As Low As

$0.35/Slide at 2000 dpi

Minimum $95.00

Types of Slides We Process:

35mm slide    35mm super slide 110 Format slide transfer 126 format slide transfer 127 Format 127 Super


Slide Scanning Process

Step 1 - Select Resolution

Decide which resolution you want to scan these slides. Higher number means better resolution 4000di>3000>2000

Step 2 - Amount of Slides

Calculate how many slides do you have. Our minimum charge for any number of slides is $15.00

Step 3

Call Us 703 644 1660 and we will send you an estimate. Or Contact us at



Why Choose Us

This Is All What We DoThis Is All What We Do

We are doing slide scanning since 1996. And we are good at it.

In House Processing.In House Processing.

All work is done at the same place where you drop it off. No THIRD party. More cost saving and security.

Personal AttentionPersonal Attention

You will be able to speak with the actual tech who will perform slide scanning task.

Optional ServicesOptional Services

Multiple optional services (A, B, C).

Turn AroundTurn Around

Since we are local, we can turn around any job with in short period of time and can meet any deadline.


Q: Which format you can scan in?

By default in Jpeg. We can also scan in tiff. They take more space. At 2000 dpi typical slide is about 2MB. Tiff is around 20MB.


Q: What color depth I will get back?

Again by default, slides are scanned in 24bit color.


Q: Who will be working on my slides?

You will be working with an experienced tech having a degree in media arts from accredited institute in the US. He does this type of work on a daily basis.


Q: Do you out source slide work?

We will never outsource your project. Your work will be processed by Mr. Video staff only and you will pickup where you dropped it off. Since 1996 we never had any incident, knock on wood,  we have never lost any of customer's slide/s.

Virginia Serving Area

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