What is Laser Disc

What is laser disc

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What is LaserDisc?

LaserDisc is a technological medium that is used to store a large database of information, including text, photos, multimedia presentations and motion video. It was the first commercial optic disc storage access that was sold and marketed as “DiscoVision” back in the late 70’s in North America as a home video format in disc form.

Measuring 12 inches in diameter, the large disc holds a great deal more information than a CD-ROM, though the players needed to play such discs are much more expensive and invasive than those needed to play a CD-ROM. LaserDiscs are, however, useful in corporate or educational settings where a great deal of information is needed to be stored and accessed for presentations and motion video.

LaserDiscs (LD) never managed to gain a great deal of use in North America, with VHS and Beta cassettes taking over popularity for home video use. The high costs of the players and discs themselves prevented them from becoming widespread.

The technology behind laserdiscs provided the foundation for future disc forms, such as compact discs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.