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Post Production Supervisor

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The main job duty of a Post Production Supervisor is to oversee all post production projects from start to finish. The Post Production Supervisor will work with budgeting, clients, CGI and production team to plan, and internal editing. The Post Production Supervisor is also responsible for both the management and delivery of video content from high definition digital video shoots. Examples of projects that a Post Production Supervisor may work on include short form editorials, music videos, fashion films, and broadcast and web sports. Professional skills that most successful Post Production Supervisors will have include technical, artistic, budgeting, editing, reporting, and project management.

General Requirements

A successful Post Production Supervisor will have experience working with all major video post production programs, such as Foundry applications, Final Cut Studio, Adobe applications, Autodesks motion and CGI applications, and Pro Tools. A Post Production Supervisor should have extensive experience in all aspects of post production, including compositing, editing, color grading, CGI/VFX, retouching, green screen, format conversion, stereoscopic 3D, sound recording, encoding, sound production, compression, sound sweetening, mastering, and sound design.

Post Production Supervisors should also have high level experience with RAW and HD digital editing workflows and formats, including Panasonic P2, Red One, Canon DSLR, and Phantom. Other general requirements for a Post Production Supervisor include practical experience operating different types of post production hardware, including broadcast monitors, video cards, calibration and studio sound gear, and both PC and Apple computers. The Post Production Supervisor should also understand color management and have highly organized job structuring, including serving management, file management, and archiving and retrieval.

Creative Requirements

It is recommended that Post Production Supervisors have both extensive appreciation and knowledge of important directors, editors, cinematographers, and filmmakers styles and work. Being that the Post Production Supervisor will likely be working with a wide variety of projects, a successful applicant will have both an appreciation and comprehension of fashion, commercials, photography, music videos, color styles, and lighting. Post Production Supervisors should consider themselves to be an expert in all music genres, worldwide songs, and both past and current artists. Additional creative skills that are a plus include musical ability and sound engineering.

The salary that a Post Production Supervisor can expect to receive is dependent upon experience.