PAL PAL is the analog video format that was first introduced in 1967, developed by Walter Bruch in Germany. Short for “Phase Alternating Line”, PAL is used in most of Europe, Australia, and a few South American, African and Asian countries. PAL was given its name because the color information on video signals is in

Back in its time, laserdiscs were competing with other video playing formats, including VHS cassette tapes. The laserdisc had its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the VHS tape. LaserDisc Vs. VHS There was simply no comparison when it came to the picture quality of the laserdisc back in its prime in the early 80’s.

Although LaserDiscs boasted some impressive technology back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, there are obvious drawbacks when compared to today’s technology in DVDs. Some of these disadvantages include: ▪           Heavy weight (approximately 0.5 pound) ▪           Prone to damage when handled improperly ▪           Cumbersome ▪           More noise generated when spun due to the increased

There was an era and aura about the 8 mm and super 8mm films, when everyone from young to old became a filmmaker. In the 1950’s and 1960’s It was a common sight to see people shooting with these 8 mm cameras on weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, holiday experiences and many such moments. It

Do you have any old VHS tapes lying around your house that you would like to watch once again? Of course, finding a VHS player is not the easiest thing to do these days, and the quality isn’t the best. Years ago, transferring your VHS video tapes to DVDs was a service that was only

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