Transcription Prices


Minimum Charges?

  1. Each file or audio tape submitted to us is treated as a separate transcription job.
  2. The minimum charge for each transcription job is $25 if the audio length is of less than 4 to 5 minutes (for digital file) and $35 for 10 minutes of physical audio media.
  3. Transcription jobs of length greater than five minutes (10 minutes in case of physical media) are charged normally and will be billed per minute of transcription.

Editing Charges

  1. If the files uploaded by you are to be edited by us for specific time lengths, the service will be charged $5 per editing job.
  2. We recommend you edit the files according to your requirements before submitting them to us for transcription to avoiding editing charges.
  3. It is possible that we may transcribe the entire audio file in absence of any specific instructions.

First Time Clients.

  1.  100% advance payment is required for first time client. Regular client can make 50% deposit and 50% at the time of completion.
  2. The transcript will only be delivered after the payment has been processed.
  3. For RUSH transcription job, we will need your credit card details before hand so that there is no delay in transcript delivery.
  4. Payment can be made online or through all major credit cards.

Flat Pricing Explained

Unlike other transcription service providers, we do not bill you for entire file or audio tape. We bill you only for the time wherein the audio is recorded. Thus if a video file of 30 minutes of footage and just 10 minutes of audio, you will be charged only for 10 minutes of transcription.

It is important for you to mention audio classification while placing the order. This enables us to invoice you accurately.

Multiple Transcription Types in Single File

It is possible that the audio you have sent has multiple type of transcription jobs. For instance, an audio file may contain telephonic conversation, one-to-one interview and a speech. In such cases, you will be charged at higher rates. If the transcripts for single audio file are to be delivered separately according to the audio classifications, it will attract an additional edition charge of $5.

Bad Audio

Inaudible audio needs to be enhanced before it is sent for transcription. If we have to enhance the audio in your files or on physical devices, an additional $0.75 charge will be levied over the entire billing amount.