Transcription FAQ

Got a question about our services? We’ve got the answers. Check out the following list of answers to some of our most common questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us at (703) 644-1660 or info@mistervideo.net


What Types of Audio Files Can You Transcribe?

We can provide transcription services for digital and analog recordings. Digital sound files, including wav, RealPlay, avi, mp3, webcast and a host of others, can be easily and securely uploaded to our site. We do charge extra for analog tapes, including DVD/VHS, regular or micro cassettes.


Why Do You Charge Extra For Analog Audio and DVD/VHS Tapes?

There is an extra charge for this service because there is extra work and time involved in converting such audio into digital format first before we are able to transcribe the audio. If you require a large volume of projects, we can waive this extra charge.


How Much Do You Charge to Transcribe 1 Hour’s Worth of Tape Recordings?

We charge our clients by the page rather than by the length of recording, unlike our competitors. Our rates start as low as $2.50 per page for one single speaker. Generally, an hour of tape recording translates into about 35 to 45 double-spaced pages. Please refer to our rates page, or contact us directly to obtain a quote(info@mistervideo.net).


Do You Charge Extra For DVD or VHS Transcription?

Yes, we charge an extra $25.00 per DVD or VHS tape in order to extract the audio. For large volume jobs, we’ll be happy to exclude this extra charge.


Does Your Service Provide Transcription of Medical Documents?

No, unfortunately we do not transcribe medical reports. We do, however, accept transcription of audio from conferences or meetings that contain medical vocabulary. Such wording is considered technical in nature, and we therefore charge accordingly.


Why Would 1 Hour Worth of Audio Take 3 Hours to Transcribe?

People speak faster than a transcriptionist is able to transcribe an audio file. Humans speak an average of 180 to 250 per minute, while a transcriptionist takes an average of 1 hour to transcribe 8 to 12 pages of audio, depending on the clarity of the dialogue on the file. An audio recording of a speech or interview is much clearer and easier to transcribe than audio of a business meeting, for example.


What is Considered Difficult Audio to Transcribe, and Why is There an Extra Charge For Them?

A number of audio files are more challenging to transcribe than others, including those with non-native English speakers, foreign accents, dialogue that takes place far from the speakers, focus groups or meetings where many people speak over each other, technical wording (including legal, medical, industry-specific, and so forth), disruptive background noise, and so on. Such audio is much more difficult to make out and understand, thereby requiring more time to listen to over and over in order to gain a clear understanding of the exact wording included in the audio. This takes much lounger, and we therefore must charge more for the extra time and effort needed. Contact us for an estimate of the exact audio recording you need transcribed.


Are You Capable of Transcribing Audio That’s Difficult to Hear?

We are professionals in the industry, but we are only able to transcribe words and sentences that can be clearly heard. If it’s hard for you to understand the speech within an audio file, then most likely it will be challenging for us as well.


What is Your Accuracy Rate For Transcription?

We boast a very high accuracy rate of over 98%. If we cannot reach 100%, it is because the audio file contains words that are not entirely audible. If, however, the audio file is very clear, our rate of accuracy is extremely high. Only audio that is entirely clear is accurately transcribed. We strive to be completely up front with our clients – if there is an issue with your audio file, we’ll contact you. Certain projects have had to be turned down because it would be impossible to deliver an adequate transcription. We do, however, always edit our work, and are sure to deliver transcription documents that are free of any spelling and grammatical errors.


Can You Transcribe Audio From Just One Speaker?

Yes, we can focus on one specific speaker, as long as the person’s voice can be heard and understood clearly. In an interview between two individuals, for example, we are able to transcribe just the Interviewee’s answers if you request this. However, we do charge for more than one speaker, but less than two. The reason for this is because it’s still necessary for us to listen to the dialogue of the Interviewer, for example, in order for us to hear the answers given by the Interviewee. We would be happy to charge you for the transcription of just one speaker if you are able to remove the person’s voice from the audio that you don’t want transcribed.


How Are Completed Transcripts Delivered?

We email completed transcripts in Word format as an attachment.


Do you Pick Up and Deliver Audio and Transcripts?

No, we do not offer a pick up or delivery service in order to keep our prices as low as possible. If you are having your audio file delivered via a courier service, like FedEx or UPS, please be sure to let our office know so we can expect it.


How Can I Send Your Office My Digital Recording?

You can unload your file via our secure web portal, or else you can send us a link to your site along with instructions. Tapes, VHS, DVDs and CD-ROMs should be couriered via a secure service like FedEx or UPS.


Do You Send Tapes Back?

No, we do not send anything back, so please send us copies of the originals. We are not held responsible for the loss or damage of any file you send to our office. If you make pre-paid arrangements beforehand to have your file sent back, we’ll return your file to you, as long as the arrangement is not made with the Post Office – courier service only.


How Do I have Questions Answered That I Haven’t Found on This Page?

Please call us at (703) 644-1660 or email us at info@mistervideo.net.