Client Testimonials

Steve MStrategic Coordinator
Most companies take on reel to CD transfer jobs and sub-contract them with highly dicey results. With Mr. Video, I have finally found the one store where every task pertaining to the reel to CD transfer is completed in house by their expert technicians. It gave me immeasurable peace to know that my precious reels weren’t being handed out to anyone else. They promise to digitally master audio reels to CDs and deliver 100 percent on their promises! The best compliment I can give Mr. Video is that I will heartily recommend their services to family and friends as well as any soul who desperately needs high quality sound transference of reel to CD! The reels I had were decades old and had too much of a hiss in it. With their hiss, crackle and pop removal service, Mr. Video was able to completely get rid of the annoying nuisance while maintaining the audio integrity of my reels. I’m happy to have found my audio and video services one stop shop! Steve
The first thing that struck me when I walked into Mr. Video is how personable and warm the staff is! From the moment I walked in, their high service standards were reflected everywhere. I have thought of video conversion to be a gamble in the past. Most stores say that the final product will be as good as the original but this is far from true. With Mr. Video, I found the converted videos indistinguishable from the master tape that I provided them! Their results are amazing and the turnaround time was just as quick as I wanted it to be! They use state of the art technology in the form of Alchemist Ph. C. to complete their video conversion projects and the final product of their expertise is beyond compare. The newest version of the Alchemist Ph. C. guarantees the best results. Liz
With 16mm and 8mm films lying in my closet for more than a few decades, I was always a little afraid to simply hand them out for film transference. The thought of being able to see all that amazing stuff in a brand new DVD format got me going though! Mr. Video has been around since 1996. Their years of experience and sterling reputation made me approach them. I’m so glad I did! Not only did the DVD play like a dream on my home player but the images were crystal clear and focused. They specialize in color corrected transfer and the results are absolutely fantastic! The flicker free product that I received told me that the equipment that they use to conduct film to DVD transference is avant-garde and highly advanced. The price that I got my 16mm and 8mm family movies transferred to DVD was a steal in hindsight! Mr. Video accepts films via mail and is known to take good care of it. When I visited the store, I found that the staff at Mr. Video is incredibly friendly and well mannered. They genuinely care for each and every person who walks through the doors of the store and this was reflected in the way I was greeted and treated when I was there.