Meeting Transcription

Transcribing Meeting Conversations

Transcription can be used to produce written records for important meetings and events. By making these audio files available in a printed or text format the potential audience for the information can be expanded significantly.  Also it helps in better understanding of the conversations in the meeting.

When more than two persons get together to discuss something it is considered as meeting. It can be attended by Directors of the company for an annual report of the company, staff members for some important discussion, members of a committee, community members of a town or people getting to discuss some important issue.

We at provide professional and proofed pages of transcription at the rate of $4/page delivered within 7 working days.  Delivery is done on regular basis as per schedule for larger projects.

It is advisable to use more microphones and recorders to record the speeches in meetings or conferences to make the recordings better audible for transcription purpose.

Documents have margin of 1 inch, font used is New Courier, size 12 and pages with double space. If you require pages with single space, any other format, content having technical terms then you can call at 703-644-1660 or send the details by email to

You can view the FAQ section of the site for more details. You can contact by mail or call us for any clarifications required by you.


Important note for transcription services

Extra charges are applicable depending upon the delivery schedule for urgent in 24 hours, within 2 working days or 3 to 4 working days.

These rates are applicable on audio recording containing speeches in native English about general topics and clearly audible, audio files in digital format uploaded at our site or if it downloaded from the link provided by you to a site or ftp details from you. Analog tapes such as cassettes and DVD or VHS are charged extra.

Difficult Audio:

Audio tapes which have background noise, cross talking due to many speakers in a meeting which makes it difficult to understand the speakers’ word as well as voices with accent, poor English and containing words from medical records, legal terms, foreign languages, industry specific background are considered difficult audio as it requires repeated listening to understand them that’s why you would be charged extra for such type of audio files. If you want an estimate for an audio file, you can call us or email the details.

You can upload the audio files securely at our site . If you want to send the audio files for transcription directly to our office then label them properly, create the speakers list or make notes about agenda  of the speech  and include your business card in the packet sent by you.

If you want your audio files returned back to you after the transcription then arrange for courier which can collect it from our office or you can use DHL, FedEx or some other method excluding the post office.

Contact at 703-644-660 or email at: