Receiving Equipment

Receiving the equipment
(If any problem throughout the process, call us)

10:00-11:00am Equipment Return Time
10:30-Reminder email. Have a template in front of you.
10:45-11:00am start calling the customers who has not brought in the equipment yet.
11:01-12:00pm Courtesy Period (you can still charge for a full day-Fussy/halfday-Bad/Call Us).
12:01-1:00pm must charge a half day (at least). Make another invoice and email transaction ID at for us to charge the customer.
01:01-6:00pm Full day charge. No concessions.

  1. Have the entire “paper invoices” ready for all the customers before their arrival. Most of the customers will be waiting for us to open the doors even before 10:00am (especially on Mondays).
  2. Physically check the equipment in front of the customer to see any difference.
    1. If missing/damage on the equipment, write it on the checklist and take their signatures.
    2. If customer complaints that they were not able to use the equipment:

i.      Run it in front of the customer. If it is a setup issue, tell them they didn’t take the setup.

ii.      If the equipment is non-functional, tell them we gave the equipment in working order. Take their signatures if the equipment is not functioning. Also let them know that we will send them the replacement cost of the equipment. It will either be a repair or replacement depending on which is cheapest.

  1. Check the number of all cables that went out with the equipment. Do not under estimate this step. Lots of customers forget to bring many cables.
  2. Keep writing CRT/XX in the quickbooks if the equipment is returned.
  3. Print out the equipment check list by going to our web link at   (BW printout only).
  4. Fill all the necessary lines and leave the check list with the same equipment and leave them in the warehouse.
  5. Make sure you leave your name/signatures/date/invoice# on it.

Estimated Time for Equipment Check: All equipment reset to factory default config.

  • Projector 5 minutes.
  • Speakers 3 minutes.
  • Subs 5 minutes
  • Tripods 1 minute.
  • Wired Mic 1 minute
  • Wireless mic 4 minutes
  • Fender system 7 minutes
  • Fast fold screen 15 minutes.
  • Projection Screen (tripod) 3 minutes.
  • Cameras 15 minutes.
  • Video tripods 3 minutes.
  • Check mixers with speakers 2minutes.
  • Cables less than 1 min.
  • Mixer (alone) less than 3 minutes.

If multiple equipment are returned, connect all of them at once for testing.



P. S. You can run multiple equipment to check them at once.